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Putting Wokeness to Work: Practicing Inclusivity in Our Everyday Lives

What does allyship look like in practice? How can we challenge racism and promote broader inclusivity in the communities we live and work in? How can we celebrate intersectionality within the Latino community, hold space and be in solidarity with queer and Afro-Latinos, for example?

Petition asks state to postpone in-person testing for English learners over COVID-19 concerns

Alianza Center together with LULAC Florida this week started a campaign so that the ACCESS for ELLs test administered annually by the Department of Education to English language learners be postponed.

Labor Unions

Board considers raising starting teachers’ salaries to $47,500; others get 3.5% boost

Just over 5,000 Palm Beach County teachers will see their salaries move to Florida’s new starting salary of $47,500 and some 8,000 others who are making close to that or more will see a 3.5% raise under a proposed contract up for school board approval Wednesday.

People in the News

Broward Northeast High School InvenTeam

Northeast High School InvenTeam Receives U.S. Patent

Congratulations to Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) Northeast High School’s 2018 Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam for being awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trade Office for its invention of the Mosquito Agitator – a mosquito breeding disruptor. The device deters mosquitoes from laying eggs in standing water.

Congratulations to Amaya Brannon, “GMA” Super Bowl 55 Kid Correspondent

The 10-year-old will be going to the big game in Tampa, Florida, in February.