About Us

The Pineapple Report is the complete resource for Florida’s K-12 education news and information. We present news through our digital newsletter, website, and podcasts. The Pineapple Report, unlike any other media platform, gathers information from all the unique and diverse statewide education-related associations. We will report on happenings in traditional public, independent, and charter schools. We will talk about issues affecting the numerous state labor union groups as well as their local chapters throughout Florida. We will bring you exclusive interviews with and about education influencers, policy leaders, decisions makers, and corporate business shapers. We also will proudly recognize people for their achievements and excellence. That’s why we are ” Florida’s complete resource for K-12 education news ”, the Pineapple Report.

Our Publisher

With nearly 35 years of experience, Rick Rodriguez Piña, the principal of Rodriguez Piña & Associates, is a seasoned professional with vast knowledge of the political and governmental processes at the National, State, and local levels. Rick is renowned for providing corporations with strategic guidance on education procurement and policies within the K‑12 arena.

As a former Policy Director for the Florida Department of Commerce, Rick has had many years of experience with leading local and state economic development entities.


In 1995 Rick started Rodriguez Piña & Associates, a public affairs and governmental consulting company. Over the decades, Rick has cultivated strong bi-partisan relationships at every level of state government and specifically within Florida’s education network with superintendents, school board members, union leaders, professional association executives, and corporate communities. His in-depth knowledge of the K-12 education issues and relationships with those who have the capacity to affect them affords him the ability to shape and influence change. He understands the complexities of the education system and serves as a catalyst to effectively educate the public. Rick’s successful reputation has allowed Rodriguez Piña & Associates to become a recognized leader within the education arena.


Rick’s passion for the community and the belief to pay it forward has always motivated him to be civically involved through his participation on numerous local and statewide boards, including among others Breakthrough Miami, the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, the Latin American Business
Association, Florida International University’s Metropolitan Center, and The South Florida Regional Transportation Authority Citizens’ Advisory Committee.