Innovation Preparatory Academy Partners with AdventHealth


Health provider will participate in school’s Wellness Innovation Science Health (WISH) program

Patch/Neighbor News | By Missy Hurley | July 21, 2020

Innovation Preparatory Academy (inPrep), the first official K-8 school to open in Metro Places’ Connected City in the Epperson Community has partnered with AdventHealth West Florida Division to participate in the school’s Wellness Innovation Science Health (WISH) program. AdventHealth will provide nutrition and lessons/workshops, guest speakers that include surgeons, nurses, residents, and others, on-site health clinics for flu shots, physicals and immunizations and will participate in enrollment and incentive programs with the school.

“We are excited to be part of inPrep’s education program in Connected City where we can inspire young people to take care of themselves body, mind and spirit, and to perhaps instill a future interest in the health care profession,” said John Johannessen, Senior Executive Officer of Non-Acute Services for AdventHealth West Florida Division. “It is important when we talk about innovation that we consider ideas beyond the hospitals and physician offices, so we can reach our communities in a way that helps them live their healthiest life possible and feel whole.”

“Partnering with AdventHealth provides our students and their families a tremendous opportunity to become deeply involved in the health and wellness aspect of our curriculum,” said Sara Capwell, principal of inPrep. “We are very excited to be able to collaborate with professional partners in the health care field who will be able to provide important services to keep our school-family healthy.

InPrep’s approach to education addresses the student as a whole. Students will build fundamental future skills such as collaboration and critical thinking, while also having a curricular focus on Science and Health. Well-being along with social and emotional learning are incorporated into every lesson. InPrep’s unique facility design fosters collaborative learning opportunities and creates exciting academic spaces tailored to individual students and learning communities. Open and spacious modular classrooms with innovative furniture will be conducive to learning and engaging students. InPrep will utilize Metro Places’ ULTRAFI providing super-fast wireless connectivity along with top security measures. Technology will be seamless and wholly-threaded into the student experience throughout the day. Students will have their own computer devices in grades three and up. This comprehensive approach serves to strengthen reasoning and communication skills, preparing students for high school, college and beyond. The school will also offer technology-based curriculum that includes coding allowing middle schoolers a chance to earn industry certifications.

Since health and wellness are such an important part of the curriculum, a Wellness Walk Track is included within the building for students and teachers to use. Students will also have two wellness breaks every day to take a moment to rest and reenergize so that they are at their optimal potential. Social and emotional development programs are incorporated into the curriculum at every grade level, a key component of the InPrep mix and positive and healthy culture.

Innovation Preparatory Academy serves students in grades K-8. It will open initially as a K-6 and will add grades each subsequent year. It is part of the Charter Schools USA Inc. (CSUSA) family of schools and is governed by Florida Charter Educational Foundation, which includes local community leaders who volunteer their expertise to providing excellent educational options for students. Founded by Jonathan Hage in 1997, CSUSA is one of the largest and highest performing education management companies in the United States serving more than 70,000 students and employing more than 8500 educators. Each year more than 10,000 students are on waiting lists. CSUSA is the first education management company to receive corporation system-wide accreditation through Cognia, so every school managed by CSUSA automatically earns accreditation within its first year of operation. In the state of Florida, CSUSA would be considered an “A” district and its high school’s average graduation rate of 93 percent exceeded the state average of 87 percent in 2019. In the 2020-2021 school year, CSUSA will operate nearly 100 schools in five states. Its data-driven education model assures every student receives differentiated learning to reach individual goals and achieve high academic, social and emotional success. CSUSA’s guaranteed and viable curriculum ensures every student has access to approved curriculum that complies to state standards and appropriate time is provided to achieve those standards. This sets students up for long-term success and provides educators with easily accessible tools to customize their learning plans to help every student excel. CSUSA schools often outperform their district school counterparts in nearly every category.