Osceola School District superintendent named 2020 Outstanding Communicator


Osceola News-Gazette | by News Staff | December 3, 2020

The Sunshine State School Public Relations Association has named Debra Pace, superintendent of the Osceola School District, as the 2020 Outstanding Superintendent Communicator.

Pace is the eighth superintendent to receive the Outstanding Superintendent Communicator honor from SUNSPRA. Under her leadership, the Osceola School District has experienced unprecedented success and has emerged as a beacon for schools, families, and the community to build strong lines of communication to promote a culture of connection, engagement, and advocacy, according to a press release.

 With their persistent desire to better share the district’s story, Pace and Public Information Officer Dana Schafer have continued to set a high bar for year-round communication centered around trust, respect and transparency.  This award is even more fitting this year as Pace has been instrumental in COVID-19 communications planning and implementation, for which the district has been recognized by the state as a model to follow, the press release stated.