Caroline Zucker, Sarasota County School Board Chair

Sarasota School Board member Caroline Zucker set to transition to the next chapter


PineApple Report | November 12, 2020

After 22 years on the Sarasota County School Board, Caroline Zucker has chosen to transition off the Board and to continue to invest further in education, but from a different platform. For Caroline there is no retirement because educating children is a greater cause than the prospect of retirement.

Chairwoman Caroline Zucker chats with Rick Rodriguez Piña during a recognition event on November 10.

On Tuesday, November 10th, her colleagues, friends and family gathered at a special reception to recognize Caroline for her commitment to children and education. The event organized by her friend and fellow board member Jane Goodwin, who is also the current President of the Florida School Boards Association. The people in attendance was a who’s who of community leaders, all there to extols their praises and share their stories of how Caroline had made a contribution to Florida’s education community. The founder and publisher of the PineApple Report, Rick Rodriguez Piña, was among the few invitees who had an opportunity to be there and share in this occasion.

“If you’d ever spent more than 10 minutes with Caroline, you would know pretty much where she stands on an issue. Her skills set include her ability to eliminate shades of gray and simplify matters into either black or white. Her approach and determination have allowed Caroline to hold numerous leadership roles. Caroline’s extensive resume includes, among many, President of the Florida Schools Boards Association, Sarasota School Board Chair and a gubernatorial appointment to the State Advisory Group for Juvenile Justice.

Caroline has shared with the PineApple Report that she has several options and offers on the table and is “weighing out her option”, but that she will be staying involved in being an advocate and a loud voice for children’s education.

So we want to thank Caroline for her enduring commitment to the cause of children and education and look forward to seeing how the next chapter plays out.

Featured photo: Sarasota County School Board chairwoman Caroline Zucker is all smiles Tuesday before her final meeting starts. Zucker opted not to seek reelection this year after having served two stints on the Board, from 1992-2000 and again beginning in 2006. THOMAS BENDER/HERALD TRIBUNE