State Fraternal Order of Police wants to bring the 2025 National Conference to Miami


by PineappleReport Staff | June 8, 2020

FOP, the state of Florida’s largest police union, voted at their last Board of Directors meeting to make a national play to bring NFOP conference to Miami. This vote sets into action the efforts to compete at the national level with other states that want to be selected as the destination for 2025’s conference. If selected, Miami, Florida will be the site where thousands of law enforcement officers will convene to hold their national meeting. This would bring to Miami a great economic impact that will be welcomed by any city. Winning will mean hotel rooms, restaurants and related establishments economically benefiting from the selection. 

Assistant Director for the Fraternal Order of Police, Alejandro “Al” Palacio, revealed to the Pineapple Report that he will be working closely with state leaders to bring the 2025 National FOP Conference to Miami.

“If successful, this promises to flood the city with police professional and union delegates from all over the country”.

According to Mr. Palacio, a motion was passed at the Florida FOP Board meeting held in Daytona Beach which allows an exploratory committee comprised of members of the South Florida region to formulate a plan of action to bring the conference to Miami.

FOP Assistant Director, Alejandro “Al” Palacio

There are other states in the running, but Florida hopes to prevail and show the members of the FOP throughout the country the soulful flavor, cultural melting pot, and warm hospitality that Miami bodes”.  

This national conference started in 1917, and the last time it was held in Florida was in Orlando in 1997 over twenty-two years ago. Prior to 1997, it was held in Miami Beach in 1953 and in 1967 and in Orlando in 1981. Members of the state board think that we are due for a visit.

The efforts by Florida’s FOP chapter have begun to try win this designation. On possible advantage is that Florida has a sitting member on the National FOP Board, Mr. Jimmy Holderfield, from Jacksonville, who is the National Secretary and could be influential in the final decision. However, we have to wait until the FOP’s Conference in August of 2021 to know the selection committee’s decision. Stay tuned!